Our Real Communities are small groups that provide the kind of accountability and support we need to mature as believers. The Real Community Groups are designed so that you can experience Life Chapel's vision of Real People encountering a Real God and Engaging in Real Purpose.
We offer groups in several different locations and on different days and times. If you are interested in becoming involved with a Real Community Small Group please complete the form below. Someone will be in contact with you soon!

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Community Group Fall of 2017

Here are a list of our current community groups: Please contact group leaders for the schedule and exact location.
  1. Sylvania Area: Carlos and Maria Garcia: Friday Evenings | Contact: Maria Garcia 567-395-6597
  2. Perrysburg Area: Mbonu & Ketra Ikezuagu: Saturday Evenings  |  Contact: Ketra 443-562-5109
  3. Point Place Area: Marty & Jennifer Englemann: Saturday Evenings | Contact: Jennifer 316-200-2979
  4. Toledo / Oregon Area: Grant & Brooke Perry (young adult group): Thursday Evenings |  Contact Brooke: 419-206-8943
  5. Oregon Area: Tim & Nicole McLeod (young marriages): Sunday Afternoons | Contact Nicole: 419-349-7793
  6. Walbridge Area: Lynn & Patty Masters: Friday Evenings  |  Contact Patty: 419-509-3573


Download Your Lessons / Discussion Sheets Here:

During our spring session of Real Community we will be basing our discussions out of the book called Garden City, by John Mark Comer. We encourage you to purchase the book, however it is not required in order to participate in our Real Community Groups. You will be able to download lessons / discussion guides on this web page during our fall groups.