Wounds and scars, we all have them.
Wound – An injury to living tissue caused by a cut, blow, or
other impact.
Scar – A mark remaining (as on the skin) after injured
tissue has healed.
We All Have Doubts
John 20:24-29
Have you ever had a moment, season, or time when your
faith fell into doubt?
The words “unbelieving,” “disbelieve,” and “faithless”, can
also be translated as: not quite sure, lack of confidence, or
not fully persuaded. (verse 27)
Jesus Shows Up
Jesus will show up even in our times of doubt.
God is not afraid of your questions, fears, doubts or your
John 20:30-31

Jesus Uses Scars

Jesus challenges Thomas to touch his scars and as a
result, move from unbelieving to believing.
The beauty of God’s grace is that He rewrites our story.
Many struggle to make sense of their scars, but God can
take the pain and turn it into power.
Every one of us has a gospel story to tell.
Not only does God want to heal us, and make us whole
and complete, He wants to use our scars to bring healing
and hope to the world around us.


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