At Life Chapel, we are just real people. We’re not perfect—and it may be presumptuous of us—but we assume you aren’t either. This is why we have an array of classes and gatherings, which we hope can meet you, and the people which matter most to you, wherever you are in life.


At Life Chapel we believe that God is real. Like really real. Like get involved in your everyday life real. Like walk and talk with you real. Like be there when you need Him most real. So you’re probably getting the message, but we can’t say it enough—God is real! Now you may be asking, if God is real, how can he become real to YOU?


At Life Chapel we believe that once you have encountered God, everything changes. So what to do with these changes? Get involved—or as we say at Life Chapel—”Engage in REAL PURPOSE!” There are tons of way to get involved in Life Chapel. There are many places to volunteer, or you can give your support financially. So get going and get involved today!



“Our personal vision is to raise up a generation who knows their God.”

Jonathan & Sharon Perry